Best Bitcoin Slots


Best Bitcoin Slots 2018 Ranked

Rank Bonus Rating Visit
1 100% up to 1 BTC Visit Now Review
2 bitcoincasino-us 100% 1st Deposit Bonus up to 1 BTC Visit Now Review
3 bitstars_logo_new_ 20 No Deposit Free Spins Visit Now Review
4 1396238478 125% Bonus up to 250 mBTC Visit Now Review
5 index 20% matched bonus up to 0.3 BTC + 40 free spins Visit Now Review
6 7bitcasino-logo Bonus 110% up to 1.5 BTC Visit Now Review
7 loki 100% up to €/$100 +100 Free spins Visit Now Review
8 wild-tornado-logo 150 free spins & 900€ or 0.5 Bitcoin bonus Visit Now Review
9 space-casino-min Welcome package up to €/$450/ 3BTC + 250 free spins Visit Now Review


How to Play Slots to Get the Best Chances of Winning

Slot machine paybacks can be controlled by the casino that paybacks can very wildly and that higher denominations usually have higher paybacks.When choosing a slot machine the denomination is going to play the biggest role in the percentage to get.So start your choice with that how much are you comfortable playing,if you don’t feel comfortable playing a dollar or spin or if five dollars of spin makes your stomach turn,then you shouldn’t play those games even if they have slightly better odds above all gambling should be fun since you’re never going to get rich doing it.In any case once you found the denomination you want to play you still have several choices as to the type of game.

We’re going to talk a bit about Hit frequency which is diffrent than payback.Payback is how much money the machine pays back over time and Hit frequency is how often the machine hits a winning combination.They’re related but they aren’t the same.
The simplest game type and what used to be the most common is a standard Multiplier.Multipliers are simple because the only thing that changes when you bet more credits is how you get paid back.Should you win games like Double Diamond and five times pat or multipliers.If you bet one credit and get bars for example you’ll win 10 dollars,if you bet two credits you’ll win 20 dollars,if you bet three credits you’ll win 30 dollars.The more you bet the more you win simple.Betting more doesn’t increase your hit frequency on these games so it’s fine to bet less than max.If you’re just starting out these are probably the best ways to get your.

Next we have multi-line games.Multi-line games are currently the most popular slot machines in the casino and almost all video games except for poker are multi-line games.You’ll know a multi-line game because you can bet on multiple lines.A standard multiplier only allows you to bet on the center line but multi-line games allow you to bet on center line plus the top and bottom lines plus diagonal lines plus just about any line in between and some games.The key to multi-line game is to always bet all the lines.You don’t need to bet the max number of credits on the lines but make sure you bet at least one credit on all the lines.The reason is that the machine doesn’t adjust the way it spins based on how many lines you bet so betting less than all the lines means that the combination comes up on a line you haven’t bet you won’t hit it.So you’re a hit frequency goes down since your hir frequency goes down your chances of hitting go down,so your payback percentage also goes down.This is bad so always bet all the lines by betting them all even if you don’t bet max you’re still getting the best percentage you possibly can.

Buy a pay games don’t increase the amount you win the more you bet but instead they increase the number of combinations that will pay if they hit.

Now we’re going to make a little note here about progressive machines.Progressive games are the games that have a top award that goes up the more the game is played.Progressives usually have odds and percentages that are comparable to regular reel slots, unless the progressive amount is ridiculously high,such as MegaBucks or other very large multi-casino progressives. Make sure to always bet max on progressives.If you dont bet max, then find another game,because betting less than max on a progressive is a complete waste.If you win the top award and dont bet max, you wont win the progressive.